Organic Food

Πώς να υιοθετήσετε μια βιολογική στάση ζωής, ξεκινώντας από το φαγητό

Πώς να υιοθετήσετε μια βιολογική στάση ζωής, ξεκινώντας από το φαγητό
That we live in a time when we need to think more about our health and our environment is a fact. After all, we now know very well that even the smallest change in our daily life can make a huge difference. We don't have to change our entire lives - but we can change the way we think.

What we need to know for a start is that living organically does not mean that we consume more time or money: there are ways to include organic products in our diet and daily life, which fill us every day with more energy, positive mood and health , regardless of our age or our dietary preferences. Below, you'll find some simple ways to adopt an organic lifestyle and philosophy.

Choose where you source your products from Food is, of course, one of life's greatest joys and extremely important to our survival. Cooking meals with ingredients that come from nature on our plate is - apart from great motivation - also a way to know exactly what we consume every day. You can start by replacing some of your weekly shopping with more natural and nutritious alternatives - fresh fruits and vegetables, organic eggs or free-range products, even ingredients like olive oil that does not contain chemical additives. Also, when our diet consists of fresh raw materials, we strengthen our body both physically and mentally.

Choose carefully where you source the products you consume. For example, in Biologiko Chorio, the largest Greek chain of organic products, you will find a huge variety of choices in organic food of high nutritional value, products for special diets, personal care, baby and children's products, as well as nutritional supplements. At the same time, for more than 10 years it has been supporting local partners and producers with whom it has long-term and mutual bonds of trust and respect, always aiming for sustainable and sustainable development.

Know what "organic products" means

The basic thing you need to know about organic products is that organic vegetables and fruits are those grown on certified lands using only organic fertilizers to fight insects, weeds and pests. Organic meat and organic poultry are those that are fed only organic food. In addition, organic products do not use chemical additives or chemical preparations at any stage of their production or development.
Animals raised on these farms therefore consume feed that does not include chemicals used to keep it fresher for longer or to repel insects. Plus, they have time to grow naturally, without hormones or other chemical additives - which if they eat them, we end up eating them too.

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